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Oamaru, Waitaki Otago, Otago

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Breeder History
GUIDE TO PHOTOGRAPHS:- 1. Tickety-Boos Pup(Multi V Rated & V1) "RED BOY" 2. Litter Brother to "Red Boy" Picture One - EXPORTED TO AUSTRALIA "ZEUS" 3. Litter Brother to Red Boy named Zeus & EXPORT to Australia 4. Tickety-Boo father of picture 1. 2 & 3 5. NZ CHAMP Dark Titan father to Tickety-Boo, Grand Sire to 1.2. & 3. 6. Ozzy Multi V1 Rated - father of NZ CHAMP Dark Titan(V Rated) , Grand Sire to Tickety-Boo (Multi V Rated & V1) PLEASE NOTE: ALL PUPPIES WILL BE DOCKED IN ACCORDANCE WITH NZ COUNCIL OF DOCKED BREEDS REGULATIONS

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Puppy Information
Sorry, No puppies currently available for purchase
Sorry, puppy viewings are not available

Conditions of purchase: must go to fully fenced properties, lovers of the breed, all rottweilers are sold as family pets. We don't sell guard dogs. A contract will be given to sign as a form of promise to protect and maintain your pet, as a good example of the breed.

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