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Kopuku Maramarua, Auckland City, Auckland

For enquires contact Helga Lakatosne on:
021 033

Breeder History
I wouldn't say that Labrador kennel was the meaning of my life. I would start like this, but it isn't true because it was love at first sight when I met this pedigree. As a child I was always surrounded by dogs that I had to feed and look after so the responsibility for animals soon became a part of my life. Finally, my husband's love toward dogs has infected me for the whole life! We, as for many couples, started our life in a block of flats but at that time we also had a dog round our children. After a while we moved to a house with a garden and that was the point when we could start to breed Labradors. I met this pedigree as an adult and as I've mentioned it is the love of my love growing day by day. My very first Labrador was a present from my husband.Unfortunately, this dog died under tragic circumstances and I mourn till I die./Panka 2000-2002/ The loss of Her was a long and hard way to get over, and first I didnt think to get such a pain any more.But I was starting to miss a Labrador more and more. In autumn of 2004 Crimson Pink, a yellow Labrador, arrived at us. That was the point when I felt like getting to know this pedigree much more. I was reading about this for many years if I happened to found some information in books and newspapers. And when I got an Internet access I found countless information and soon I started to realise that a new period of my life had started. It is very important to me that healthy dogs with good nerves continue ther lives at new homes and become the favourite of the family. Many thanks for that person who is kind and really important for me, who was so unselfish to help me lead my way in breeding of dogs, then and now. Our initial acquaintance may turned to friendship, and I hope this remains for a long-long time. Thank you!/gy.m./

Dog Breeds
 Labrador Retriever

Puppy Information
Sorry, No puppies currently available for purchase
Sorry, puppy viewings are not available
New puppy :) all black litter is expected late July. booking: phone/0210333395 or email/

Puppy Purchasing Information
When sold, puppies are:
 Vet checked Wormed
 Vaccinated Microchipped
 Come with food vouchers Come with information pack
 Pedigree certificate De-sexing contract
 Checked for Hereditary diseases Delivery in NZ

Payments accepted:
Cash Online Payments

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