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Five Forks, Waitaki Otago, Otago

For enquires contact Pam Learmonth on:
03 432 4047Email0273413896

Breeder History
I have two King Charles Spaniels left. One is a bitch who is getting on in years now and a lovely male who is almost seven years old. They are both black and tan. Donny, the male has been shown and is one point off being a champion. His mother is a Champion. I have not shown them lately. I have bred them for over 10 years, but do not have a breeding bitch anymore.I also breed and show Toy Poodles.

Dog Breeds
 King Charles Spaniel

Puppy Information
Sorry, No puppies currently available for purchase
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Other information
Breeding awards: Donny is a Champion and he did very well at the shows.

Description of breeding studs: Donny is an almost 7 year old black and tan boy who only needs one more point to be a Champion. He is a lovely boy with a good cobby body.His mother was a ruby (red) and his father is a Champion black and tan and also a very well bred boy.

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