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illawarra working kelpies

Waimarama, Hastings, Hawkes Bay

For enquires contact Ken McNeur on:
06 874

Breeder History
Established 2008. Have owned and bred kelpies for 24 years. Breeders of Red & Tan and Black & Tan Australian Working Kelpies for farmwork, Agility, Search dogs and companion dogs.Members of the Working Kelpie Council of Australia. New bloodlines Imported in Dec 2013.

Dog Breeds
 Australian Kelpie

Puppy Information
Sorry, No puppies currently available for purchase
Puppy viewings are available
Litters are normally prebooked but enquiries are always welcome. Previous litters were presold before a mating was even done. We are experienced in flying pups NZ wide. Please visit our website for lots more details.

Puppy Purchasing Information
When sold, puppies are:
 Vet checked Wormed
 Flea treated Vaccinated
 Come with photo album Come with information pack
 Pedigree certificate Checked for Hereditary diseases

Payments accepted:
Cash Online Payments

Other information
Breeding awards: Importations From Karana Stud and Barru Stud in Australia, Bloodlines full of Working Kelpie Champions, and Yard Dog Champions. -Bloodlines full of ability

Description of breeding bitches: KARANA CHARM - Red & Tan -Imported from Australia April 2010. BARRU DAWN Black & Tan Imported Aust. CONDOVER KEA -Black & Tan Imported Aust. ILLAWARRA FAYE - Black & Tan Imported parents

Description of breeding studs: ILLAWARRA MACK- Very steady and a delight to own and work.Amazing ability and kind, but firm on stock. BARRU MOSS ( Imp ) great temperament, strong eye- Agility, companion or farm ROVE - great laid back temperament ideal companion with strong working ability. ALSO SOME OUTSIDE SIRES USED.

On 06/11/11 JS........ Blenheim Illawarra Fizz aged 11 months said:
"I am really thrilled with Illawarra Fizz and think you did a great job of choosing her for me. I absolutely recommend Illawarra Working Kelpies for anyone wanting a quality Kelpie pup. Fizz is my first working dog so we are both learning the ropes and she has been so easy to "teach". Heaps of natural ability and has been interested in sheep from very early on. I have used a rope with her to keep that keeness leashed so she is safe and not learning any bad habits. We concentrated for the first 6 months or so on getting a reliable, STOP, COME BEHIND and SIT command and having lots of fun and experiences of course. She has really settled down in the last month or so and we are now learning casting and sides with a verbal OVER and BACK command. She knows what to do and has natural balance and good stock sense - I am the one who has to remember where to put myself as I am used to being the dog. Many thanks again Ken "
On 06/12/10 VG - Blenheim said:
"Ken, we've been so impressed with your operation. Your obvious passion for these dogs is wonderful and the information that you've passed on to us, the way you've kept us informed all along and now the quality of the dog that you've provided - a first class breeder that we'd recommend to anyone. "
On 06/02/10 Kmc - Northland said:
"We just love Oscar to bits and he has fitted into the family well and is fantastic with our 18 month old son. Oscar is showing amazing intelligence with knowing how to sit, stay and drop / down from the first week we got him.. We are very happy with our pup and the way that Illawarra Working Kelpies selected the pup for us and the communication, knowledge and information received, thanks Ken!""
On 06/02/10 KMc - Northland said:
"We were very impressed with the process undertaken to make sure the right pup went to the right home, based on their personality and traits rather than us picking one from the litter at the start on looks. KMc Auckland - Companion dog Litter No.2 ( email at 14 weeks )"
On 06/02/10 GK- Oxford Canterbury said:
"We're really enjoying having Taz in the family. He's growing really well and shows a great deal of intelligence. He's quite interested in stock at the moment and can spend a long time just eyeing up the cattle and deer. GK Oxford – Livestock Farm ( email at 12 weeks old ) Litter No.2"
On 06/02/10 KH - Rotorua said:
"Nell was eyeing the sheep first time she saw them and now is going very well, She has a lot of natural ability!! KH – Rotorua – Livestock farm ( email at 9 months old ) Litter No. 1"
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